• 21st Feb (Thu) Rehearsal
  • 23rd Feb (Sat) Performance 6:30pm
  • 9th March (Sat) Rehearsal
  • 26th March (Tue) Rehearsal
  • 9th April (Tue) Rehearsal
  • 18th April (Thu) Rehearsal
  • 23h April (Tue) Rehearsal
  • 7th May (Tue) Rehearsal
  • 14th May (Tue) Rehearsal
  • 25th May (Sat) Rehearsal
  • 2nd June (Sun) Performance 1:00pm
  • 11th June (Tue) Rehearsal
  • 25th June (Tue) Rehearsal
  • 9th July (Tue) Rehearsal
  • 23rd July (Tue) Rehearsal
Saturday rehearsals at 10:00am, weekdays rehearsals at 7:30pm.

Next Rehearsal: Thurs 21st February

Next Performance: Sat 23rd February, 6:30pm

When you practise songs:
  • add dynamics and phrasing just as we would in performance, so it becomes second nature;
  • sing with clear diction;
  • practise looking up to engage with your audience/conductor. It will help to hold your folder high enough and at a flattish angle.

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